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Our yardage anchor is simple yet it is
one of the most useful items an archer
can have.
The yardage anchor is designed to hold
the front end of a tape measure.The tape
measure can then be pulled out to what
ever length you want with out someone
holding the end, perfect for those times
when you're by yourself and want
accurate measurement.

yardage anchor

The yardage anchor can be purchased alone
or as a kit with marker flags.


Start by placing anchor in the ground
where ever you want, then use one flag
to mark your base shooting point. Use
a tape measure of at least 100 feet in
measured length and attach it to the
anchor hook, standard practice distance is
20 yards , so pull the tape measure out
to 60 feet and place a flag there.
You now have an accurate 20 yards to
place your target.



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